Sunday, May 29, 2011


With family visiting we headed to Algonquin Park for a hike and the hope of spotting a moose for our guest.  And we weren't disappointed. There were two younger moose happy to pose for photos. 

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Family Visits

When we were in Wales last year we had the pleasure of meeting family that I hadn't met before.  It was wonderful to have Julie come for a visit.  We got the chance to know each other a little bit better, spending a little time sharing a common love- the outdoors.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Track and Field

The track and field event, which is put on by a local private school and includes the homeschooling community  caught us off guard with the timing. Where did May go?
But no one hesitated joining and participating in all the events.  For the three older kids there was relay races, running races, long throw, long jump, triple jump.  Aria was very successful at the obstacle course.  Elias was thrilled to have completed his mile in 7 mins without any practice.  Ben out threw boys twice his age.  They all ended the day with ribbons, tired and a bit too much sun.
This was the first year they offered the younger children junior and senior kindergarten, an activity.  Shai loved it.  There was bean bag toss, jumping, walking on lines and throwing.  The races were by far his favorite.  His little arms just pumping away as he ran.  So much fun.  

A few more

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lego World

All of the rain has meant lots of Lego time.  Tables were arranged, and the building began.  Its been days.  And they are expanding and growing.  There is a pub, a community centre, a garden, bridges, and more. My favorite; the stories that go with each part of the creation.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Salamander/Newt Trail

Our friends who took us on this Salamander trail last year invited us back.  We were all thrilled to be on the look out for newts and salamanders.  It is a beautiful trail that in the neighbouring town, along the river, ravines and woods.  At the top of a waterfall is the jack pot.  We turned over logs and rocks to find lots of red backed salamanders.  Their little feet are so incredibly tiny, they amaze me.
We were all thrilled to see and hold the Jefferson salamander, which was huge! As big as Aria's head !
There was lots of time in the woods, despite the misty weather.  Followed by lunch and trampoline time.  Great day!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Science Day

Science day was lots of fun! We invited the homeschool group over to our house for some science experimenting.  Stations were set up around the yard for trying out.  We had oobleck  in one area, with items to test if they would sink or float.  There were hoop rockets vs. paper airplanes for distance.  Once the kids learned to through these straight into the air instead of on the grass the bubble bombs became a hit.  Before we moved inside (the black flies were starting to become bothersome) we did the favorite mentos and diet coke and elephant toothpaste.  The latter didn't have the effect it did in the video unfortunately, but most of the kids hadn't seen the mentos so that made up for it!

The kids had a chance to try mixing oil and water together while painting some paper, getting a marbled effect which the younger kids enjoyed.  Everyone was really impressed with themselves when they mastered this cool experiment.  The last experiment, hover crafts, were fun to make.  They were a little temper mental, requiring really, really flat service. Once we figured that out we were set.
It was a great morning.  Some kids did a few of the activities, others did all of them.  A few kids altered the experiments for different results.  The parents were placed at different stations to guide or give a hand. My kids never get enough of these kinds of activities, so it was nice to finally give a whole bunch of them a try.

A Whole Watermelon

The kids took there money to the grocery store.  I was imagine them coming home with snack foods of the bagged kind.  Instead they each bought a whole watermelon.  They were cut in half and eaten with no hands to start, then when that became too hard it was spoon.  The juice was finally finished with a straw.  I am told it was money well spent!